Thursday, March 02, 2006

Other People's Writing

Mornin'! Chance of me really posting much today is iffy as I'd really like to go catch the harbor films on the Frying Pan I posted about yesterday - but thought I'd just put up a couple of links.

Link 1: If you found my musings on rolling to be interesting, Derrick has a nice riff on similar stuff today. I must warn you though, if you end up with an AC/DC song stuck in your head all day, you need to take it up with him.

Link 2: I met a lot of really nice people down in Florida & as it turns out one of 'em knows my first Greenland mentor, Jack Gilman, and has participated in the Great Hudson River Paddle - she's posted a lovely concise (I admire people who can write concisely, having absolutely no ability to do so myself) writeup and a bunch more pictures (click on the thumbnails to get into the full-size slideshow). Enjoy!

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