Thursday, March 09, 2006

Plugs! Plus - Machu Picchu, Galapagos On Sale!

There's another piece of writing that I said I'd do that I am halfway done with & want to finish before I do anymore writing here (hope to finish tonight or tomorrow) - but I did want to just give a couple of plugs to friends who are up for Koufax Awards (I'm much more into this than the Oscars although I'm so glad Ang Lee got Best Director 'cause...well, 'cause he rocks, that's all, his movies just hypnotize me, they're so beautiful & so sad), plus put up something my adventure travel agent friend Camilla emailed me about which sounds pretty fabulous (aside from that pesky matter of the salaries in children's publishing) -

Award people!
Courting Destiny is up for Best Writing and also Best Blog (Nonprofessional) - btw I absolutely loved a post which she just put up this week, so it's not far down, but I did want to point it out as she was clearly completely inspired by the Hasidic reggae singer she'd just seen. Bring It On, a primarily liberal (although they've got at least one conservative posting there too, which is pretty cool) political team blog, of which Pia was one of the founders, is up for best community blog. Would be flat-out rude not to mention them when they've even been nice enough to let me rant now & then - they're very open to guest bloggers, which is another reason I like it. Finally, my friend Larry's Crazy Fingers was nominated for Best New Blog (I'm giving the link 'cause he's apparently too darned modest to say anything about it, but I'm not!).

So there's the nominees. And now -

Lindblad Expeditions to MACCHU PICHU and the GALAPAGOS, on SALE!

here's what Camilla had to say today:

P.S. FYI: I just got this deal in - happens only in an extremely blue moon - and I am just letting everybody know. If you know of anyones (pairs of twos are best) who have always wanted to do Galapagos and Macchu Pichu or who has always wanted to go on Lindblad Expeditions (who is almost always sold out), but could never afford to, they are doing the April1-13 (both dates inclusive) at 40 % off!! This does not make it cheap, but it does make it affordable for some. They would be looking at $3580/person for two weeks with Lindblad. Internal Air w/in South America is $645. Add international air to that (or try miles). For those who don't know, this is true expedition travel with kayaks, zodiacs, glass-bottom boat, snorkeling, several excellent naturalists (or 'ologists, as we refer to them), and, then of course, the 5 days in Cusco/Machu Picchu. All-inclusive. Age core is 45-70 on Lindblad, but that is because they are too expensive for the younger set (bonnie's note - aha, there you go, I'm still the younger set, that's why I can't afford this! woo hoo!). There is nothing geezer about this voyage!

Camilla Mork, Owner, CTA
The Adventure Travel Company
P.O. Box 20094, Columbus Circle Station
New York, NY 10023

Phone: 212-397-9792

Everybody's heard of Lindblad Expeditions, but I did want to give Camilla a particular plug too - this deal is through Lindblad, but she can arrange all sorts of adventure travel, too. Your eyes weren't deceiving you on that contact info - no website, at least as of yet. Right now, she still does things the old-fashioned way - she talks to you, she listens to what you want to do, and then she makes it happen if it is at all possible without breaking the laws of either Man or Nature. I can't quite afford the sort of trips she pulls together, but I've met a lot of people at Steve & Camilla's place who have either just gotten back from some spectacular place she sent them, or are just getting ready to go - either way, they always seem giddy & they all go back to her again & again...sounds pretty good!

(there, hopefully I just ensured my spot at their 2006 Christmas party (see #9 on that list!)
;D / >
(frogma kayak smiley, patent pending)<

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