Friday, March 17, 2006

I hate to carp but...

Phooey! I finally had a chance to READ the Intel press release & they totally left out the carp! I actually saw the Shannon Babb story in the NY Times on the way to work in the morning & I just loved it, knew that was going to be the lunchtime post. Posting quickly, I made a snap decision decided to link to the Intel press release instead of the Times version - the Times requires registration plus after a week their articles vanish into the archives & you have to pay for them. Only I didn't actually do more than skim the Intel version.

Finally caught on to that this morning, figured I'd add this since the specific thing that got Shannon interested in the project was the thing that really caught my attention in the first place, and was also the whole point of the virtual run to Japan to steal a talking carp (meant to be a visual punchline, keep reading & you'll see why)!

So here's an excerpt from the Times story giving the part of the story that the Intel left out!

Teenager Has Prize, and Utah's Carp Are Breathing Easier
Published in the New York Times March 15, 2006

Shannon Babb knew that the carp living in the Spanish Fork River in Utah were in trouble when she saw them thrashing wildly in the water one morning.

"They were trying to breathe," she said. "It was not good living conditions."

Shannon, 18, from Highland, Utah, found out that pollution was causing the carp's problems, and is now working with local officials to help the fish and the river. And what was good for the river and the carp, it turns out, was also good for Shannon, who won top honors for her work in the Intel Science Talent Search last night in Washington. Her prize is $100,000 in scholarship money.

PS - Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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