Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Plane to see...

This is a plane:

This is also a plane:

This is also a plane:

Any questions?

Don't worry, I'm actually going to go somewhere with this in the next couple of days - somewhere kayak-related, even. Can't say exactly when as I'm in another one of those long-work-day-causing close weeks (February is just too darned short) and got to go see Richard dance again tonight courtesy of my friend Larry's aunt - she usually takes Larry to watch the PTDC, but this year she had knee surgery & while the recovery is going fine, she's not comfortable sitting right now, so she was kind enough to give Larry the extra tickets & Larry brought his boyfriend Brian (who's a really nice guy) and me! Had the best time, but I am going to pay for losing tonight as a work-late night. Totally worth it, though, loved tonight's program.

At any rate, thought I'd just post this to give you a little something to wonder (even if it's just "OK, has she gone completely nuts now, not that she had too far to go?"). Gotta get some sleep now & between work & a couple of things I've promised to do (fun things, though!), things may get sparse for the rest of the week - but I will come back to this.

might throw in a Dubside story or two for Wenley first, though...

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