Monday, March 27, 2006

Pier 64 - Sunday, March 26

One more week into demolitions & going fast. The second floor is all gone now & it looks as though this week they've just been breaking through the second-story floor - week before last they were running heavy machinery up there, so it must have been pretty solid.

ps - yes, I originally posted this on Sunday, but then I put Harry B's comment up as a post, but I decided to float this up to the top as it's probably of more general interest as it stands. The thing that all you non-NYC residents might find interesting is that post I made out of Harry's comment is absolutely standard stuff for New York City paddlers, and the waterfront-appreciating public in general - there's always this tension between commercial uses & not losing parkland to the private sector. What that means in practical terms is that anyone who's been paddling in the NYC area on anything like a regular basis for any length of time basically becomes something of a waterfront activist.

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Hector said...

Another piece of american history gone. :(