Thursday, April 20, 2006

Renata's Coming to NYC!

NEXT WEEK! I'm still on the MKC mailing list even though I just keep a couple of boats there now & they just sent out an invitation for an MKC Sunset Tour on April 26th (Wednesday) on which she's the guest of honor. Plus a possible presentation afterwards if there's interest. NEXT WEEK! Jeeze! I knew she was doing this but with budget madness at work I haven't been paying a lot of attention to, and somehow there's been nary a peep on NYCKayaker (if anybody wants to peep, be my guest btw)!

I'm checking with her publicist to find out a little more in the way of, like, when she's coming in, when she'll be leaving, that sort of thing - will post anything I find out. Figured I'd go ahead & say this much now.

If you're interested in the Manhattan Kayak Company tour, you'll find contact info (and a pretty cool blog, too, I'm loving the fact that Richard's doing that) on - there's no info posted there about her visit but they should be able to provide details.

Oh, and for non-kayak-geeks who may be curious as to who this Renata Chlumska is that's got me all giddy? Just some nice Swedish lady who's CIRCUMNAVIGATING THE LOWER 48 STATES, that's all!!!

Cool, huh?

Actually there's more to the story, but you can read it all over at her website.

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