Wednesday, July 18, 2007

8 Facts Meme


So I have been double-tagged with the 8 Random Facts Meme by the BillyBlogger and target="_blank">Rosiewolf. Plus there was another BillyBlog tag for 7 Little-Known Facts About Me Meme.

So I think I’m going to blend the 2 & attempt to come up with 8 Little-Known Facts About Me.

My big problem with these memes is that I turn each Fact or Answer or whatever it is into an essay. This time I was actually going to do it with pictures & stuff. But if I do that it will never get done & if it does, nobody will ever make it all the way through. So instead, I’m going to attempt to do this within the space of my lunch hour.

BTW, many of these will be known to my real world friends – I’m mostly thinking about things that people who know me through this blog wouldn’t know.

On my mark. Get set. Go!

1. Most people know that I’ve managed to turn both kayaking and sailing into occasional revenue generators. Fewer people know that I spent a summer working as a truck driver.
2. My favorite yogurt in the whole wide world is La Yogurt Sabor Latino Guava. YUMMY.
3. One of my first pets was a white mouse named Snowball. My mother used to smuggle the mouse when we traveled – Snowball would ride in a Tupperware sandwich box in my mom’s overcoat pocket. We were never one of those dreadful families where the pets are considered disposable - even the smallest of our critters moved when we did.
4. When I was in college, I (along with a couple of friends) got talked into being contestants in a VERY early round of the Miss Italia Contest. It was held at a nightclub (outdoors, by the sea, lovely!) on the tiny Italian island where my dad was stationed. The island was so small there was only one real contestant. The doormen were asking every girl who walked in if they would please participate. Of course the real contestant won, but me and my friends had a good laugh.
5. I was nominated for the homecoming court when I was in I think 9th grade. I was pretty sure it was a joke. I was a gawky, awkward kid with braces & an unsteady sense of fashion.
6. Mostly I was a pretty nice kid. But I still recall going along with an intentional ostracism at one point. Kids are mean. But then again, have any of us mature, rational, adults figured out a truly graceful, hurtless method of communicating the message when we find ourselves in a situation where someone is more interested in us (even platonically) than we are with them?
7. I tend to talk to my computer when I’m working more than I need to.
8. I had a strangely ambiguous relationship with water when I was a kid. Not so much love-hate as love-fear. I don’t know for sure but I wonder if that’s because my most vivid early encounter with water – which I still remember & may have mentioned here – involves falling into a pool and just sinking. Fortunately my mother had her eye on me & fished me out good & quick.

Bonus facts that I think I’ve mentioned before:
1. I’ve never owned a television set.
2. I’ve never owned a car.
3. I only own one telephone and it has a cord!
4. The balance of the love-fear relationship with water was finally tipped because I have a bit of a competitive streak, and one day at the base pool, there was this bunch of Marines who looked pretty scared of the water, too. I decided that I could do better than them.

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