Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Asthma SUCKS!

Heh. Bet that wasn't a post title you ever expected to see on my chipper little blog o' metro-phibian adventure!

Yeah, there I was racking my brain for little-known facts about me not too long ago & I totally forgot an obvious one - I've got asthma. Bleah.

Actually, I'm lucky. Mine is so mild that I didn't think of it for that random facts meme because it's just been so long since the last really memorable attack. And there's only ever been one emergency-room level attack - that was when I moved into my current apartment. My old apartment was so small & everything was so crammed in that there was a lot of dust. That triggered a really nasty one.

The usual trigger, though, is a cold. Doesn't happen every time & in fact I thought I was home free this time - but it kicked in this morning, it's not responding to the usual meds, and right now my lungs hurt & air is feeling like an unfriendly substance. Not bad enough for the emergency room, but bad enough that I really feel like whining...

Y'know, when your feet hurt, you can sit down. When your throat hurts, you can not talk. But when breathing hurts, even a little...you just have to keep breathing. Bleah.

Well, there's this wellness center in the basement now at the Really Big Children's Publishing House. With doctors and stuff. I was mad about them displacing the gym - I thought replacing a gym where people could (and did) work out with a Wellness Center where the doctors would tell people that they would be more well if they would work out was pretty lame - but they did listen to me & all the other people who expressed that opinion & did bring back something of a gym - so I guess I could go see if they can do anything for me, in the very likely chance that this required business of breathing air continues to be a source of discomfort.


Y'know, I think next time I'm feeling like I've got a few extra bucks to throw at a good cause, I should look around at some of the asthma research organizations. Especially NYC based ones. There are an awful lot of kids in this city who are WAY worse than me, who don't have my options - wellness center, doctor, insurance, and most importantly, a version of asthma that under ordinary circumstances is so utterly docile that I can forget about it. Easy to find articles like this one - that's a little old, but the problems they cite are still going on.

Yup. I really shouldn't complain.

Time to go try to sleep sitting up now.

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