Thursday, July 26, 2007

Pier 66 Boathouse -

I haven't posted lately about the Pier 66 Boathouse developments because, well, basically there wasn't anything solid enough to post, just ongoing rumors of "we're almost there!", "next week, really!", etc. etc. - but it looks like the New York Riversports (minus whoever those Manhattan Waterfront Realty guys were) organization (a consortium of the various groups who used to call the barge at Pier 63 home) has succesfully negotiated the bureaucratic challenges that lay between the announcement that their proposal had been chosen & the time when the permit could be signed & the keys to the boathouse handed over.

And yes, that means the business I used to be a partner in, Manhattan Kayak Company, is back in business!

They've lost half the season already, but at least there are still a couple of good months left to salvage something.

Unfortunately this only means the boathouse is open - the barge itself, I don't know what's going on.

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