Tuesday, July 24, 2007

How does my garden grow?

OK, I'm going to admit right up front, this is going to be the first filler post in a week of filler or non-posts. I'm at work, I'm working on spreadsheets that take about 10 minutes to calculate, I can do this while Excel chugs through the calculations.

The other day I showed 3 stages in the life of that kabocha vine that's been making regular appearances here - to find those, I searched under "Urban Gardening" tag & as I was finding those, I noticed I had another fun series-over-time possibility - the entire garden, start until now!

Late March - Digging out the shape of the bed.

Late April - Sides in, filled up. 1 part soil, 1 part peat, 1 part compost. Almost looked like it would taste like chocolate cake. Also discovered that in New York City, "dirt cheap" may be a bit of an oxymoron. Dirt expensive, actually.

Later in April - making it pretty, with an appropriately maritime spin!

And then in May I planted stuff and then TQ and I ran off to Hawaii for a week and while we were there, it was very hot & dry & everything pretty much shriveled up & almost died, as I showed in the recent Kabocha Lives post. I don't think I took a picture of the whole bed because it was just too pathetic.

But some of the plants toughed it out, and I planted more, and within a couple of weeks things were looking a leeeeetle bit more cheerful - here we are in early June:

early July:

and mid July!

At this point, the general tone of the gardening has gone from feeling like I was killing everything I planted - to the much more satisfying work of trying to keep everything more or less confined to it's allotted space - all looks peaceful & green but if I don't keep things reined in, it would just turn into a raging case of survival of the fittest!

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