Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Listening to Prednisone. Briefly, cause it's boring. Then we'll look at pretty pictures.

Oooookay. We all remember Listening to Prozac, right?

Well, tonight I am listening to Prednisone and you know what?

Prednisone doesn't have anything nice to say about anyone or anything.

In fact the general tone of prednisone is:


I'm really really glad that Scott Chicken saw fit to clue me in on this in the comments on the last post. Apparently his son Logan had to take the stuff briefly in kindergarten & turned incredibly cranky.

Now I have met Logan a couple of times and he is a really good kid, so I took that as a real warning.

From the beaks of chickens, truth. I can absolutely say that if I feeling what I'm feeling right now and I was five years old, you absolutely, positively would not want to be anywhere in my vicinity. And woe to those who had no choice.

Fortunately at forty, with that advance notice, I should be able to override the weirdness. I hope. But I am all a-jangle.

I'm kind of glad this is close week and TQ & I don't have a date planned in the next few days. I wouldn't make a very nice date in my current state. Although he'd be great about it & in the end I bet he'd have me laughing at the ludicrousness of my drug-induced moodiness - but I'm just as happy he won't have to work that hard, this should all be done by the next time we get together & then I can make him laugh at my ridiculous tribulations instead. I like that scenario better.

Aside from the fact that it did help the breathing, I'm finding it all to be rather unpleasant. I was told to stay on it for 5 days but cripes, if the asthma does clear up sooner than that I may disobey nurse practitioner's orders, go one day past clear & stop.

I'm a little surprised nurse practitioner was so breezy about it & didn't mention this little feature.

Ha, but maybe that's just the prednisone saying nasty things. See? What did I tell you?

OK, enough grumbling. Shut up, Prednisone. We've heard quite enough of Prednisone. Predni-party-pooper. Predni-wet-blanket. Predni-PHHHHBBBBBTTT!

Time to return to more regular programming! A little gratuitous New England prettiness would fill the bill nicely, I'd say.

So, here are a couple more shots from weekend before last. Oddballs - they wouldn't fit with the Norwalk Islands paddle pictures from Saturday, or the Kayakways Greenlend workshop on Sunday, but I wanted to post them anyways, so this seems like a good place. Basically, TQ ended up getting to take the morning off from work, which was an unexpected & awfully nice - I had a book & was completely prepared to find a dock & read until the appointed time for everyone to meet Cheri & Turner at the The Small Boat Shop, but instead we went to a neat old local diner for breakfast, then a walk through a local bird sanctuary that he'd done a lot of work on when he was younger -

AThe weather that weekend was just incredible. The sky was the clearest blue, high, wispy white clouds, you really couldn't ask for anything much prettier - but despite that, as TQ and I were back on the road after our walk, we noticed that the sky had just gotten even prettier. Really. Those wispy white clouds must have been ice crystals perfectly aligned to act as prisms - because suddenly they started going rainbow here and there!

This doesn't quite do it justice, but it came out well enough to give the idea -

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