Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Inventions of the Paddling Chef

Tonight's forecast is looking awfully good - for staying home & writing up a trip report, that is!

In the meantime, here's something I've been meaning to post for a while. One of the Sebago club members is a talented chef. He's well-known at the club for organizing paddles that end up in group cooking endeavours, where he sets the theme and everyone brings some ingredient that they think will be good - the Stone Soup paddle and the Paella Paddle being the two I've heard the most about. Sounds like fun.

He's also quite inventive, and shared 2 of his latest creations with some of his friends in a recent email. I asked if I could post them, and he said sure!

Here they are, for your consideration, with excerpts from the accompanying email:

I recently built two devices which I think may be of interest to you all.

First of all I built a sort of a "Club" to fit into a day hatch for locking up a kayak. Total cost about $5, plus chain and lock. See photo:

Secondly I'm delighted with the floating slip case I built for my new Olympus. When Tom handed me his to take a shot on New Years day I was scared "to death"* I would drop it in the water. This little slip case is built out of closed cell foam and brightly colored duct tape for visibility. It floats like a cork. You could even throw your camera to a fellow paddler for them to grab out of the water. Check out the photos:

Thanks for sharing, Steve!

* er, he said something a little stronger than "to death", but this blog has a G rating to maintain! :D

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