Monday, July 30, 2007


But first - surprise surprise, I'm not the first person to wonder if a space blanket could draw lightning. That question was answered by Outside Online's Gear Guy back in 2002. Seems the answer is "Theoretically yes, but there's no record of it ever happening".

Anyways - on to a couple of expeditions I've been following -

First off, good luck to Derrick and Taino as they're off to Chase the Ana!

Been interesting reading Derrick's blog for the last two years as he has gone from fretting over whether he'd get his 4 star award to planning a circumnavigation of Puerto Rico, and through the magic of the internet, a fellow New York City paddler, Taino Almestica, is joining him - fulfilling a dream he's had, that of circumnavigating his home island, since he began paddling.

Good luck!

Another expedition I've been following with total fascination - they may have gotten off to a terribly inauspicious start, getting a partial bowspritectomy after colliding with a freighter on Day 15, but they stuck with it & Sunday marked their ONE HUNDREDTH DAY!. Congratulations! Actually it was funny, one of the guys who's taking care of their website was on board the Rosemary Ruth last week - we were talking about their progress and I actually asked if they had champagne on ice for Day 100. I forgot one thing - no ice on that boat!

Continued good luck to all, fair wind & following seas & all that!

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