Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Asthma Update

Nothing a few days of steroids won't fix.

Quick, somebody find me a bike race!

. .O

OK, to be honest, I'm willfully using the umbrella term for an entire family of drugs for the shock value. What they gave me is cortico, not anabolic, and I don't believe it's considered a performance-enhancing drug. Except insofar as being able to breath is performance-enhancing.

BTW it still steams me a bit when I think about this doctor I had for a few years who would listen to the hacking and choking I'd turn up with after every cold & automatically throw antibiotics at it. Kind of like using a fishing rod to hunt rabbits.

He was, of course, the same one who eventually told me, in a dead-serious tone, that he hated it when his patients had opinions.

That was the day I decided I was clearly the wrong patient for him.

Oh, and speaking of fishing rods -

Look, Andy had a little fun with one of my pictures of his bluefish!

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