Monday, January 05, 2009

Boat Blog Fashion Fight!

Funny coincidence...

Moonstruck DennisG, clearly getting a little cabin feverish, sent the following:

Stuck in by cold, snow, wind. I figured out how to send pictures, I think?

Start ugly sailing jacket contest. I think this one is a winner?


Here is the jacket in question. It, yes? :D

Shortly after viewing that item of sartorial splendor, I happened to do a brief check-in on a few of my favorite Midwest blogs to see how deep the deepfreeze is (you can call it schadenfreude, I prefer to think of it as "adjusting my perspective"). One of those which I visit is Gitchee Gumee Guy's The Lake is the Boss, and what should I find there but...well, DaveO's own description follows (and it's a link, too, so you can check it out for yourself):

...noted musician, RawhidePhil, in one of the ugliest jackets I belive I've ever seen. It takes a guy with considerable self esteem to consciously put something like that on and then go out in public.

I don't know, DaveO...I think DennisG might have you beat...

Anybody else want to chime in here?

Anybody got any article of foul-weather gear they'd like to put in the contest?

Me? Well, I have this hat. It's a great hat, at least when you're the one standing under it. Not so hot when you are with the wearer & forced to look at the thing! It's warm & fuzzy, but it does come with the slight drawback of making people deny that they know me.

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