Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cold Water Workshop at the Small Boat Shop, 1/31/09

From Cold Water Workshop at the SBS, February 2008

This year, they might have to cut a hole in the ice for the swim!

This is a fun & informative event & if you live anywhere around the South Norwalk, CT area & are looking forward to pulling your dusty boat out of the winter mothballs as soon as the air starts warming up, this would be a great thing to attend. Early Spring (see "Hope", post before last, it's coming!) always seems to be the worst time for small-boat tragedies - the air starts warming up & people just can't wait to get on the water, but they don't realize how hazardous the water can still be.

Workshops like these are a very good way to learn what you need to know (and wear) for cold-water paddling. It's a 2-part approach. In the morning, Chuck Sutherland (webmaster of my favorite off-season boating safety site, link at end of post) gives a talk about hypothermia, and the local Kokatat rep does a show & tell of all the various cold-weather clothing & talks about how the various pieces work together to help a person with the right skills for off-season boating stay safe & comfortable in water temperatures from "ooh, refreshing!" right on down to freezing. Then there's a lunch break, then anyone who wants to can get suited up & go swimming. It's all pretty interesting, but I think the swimming is the fun part!

TQ & I even did some rolling & rescues last year & unless it's too hard to cut a hole big enough to manuever in, I think we'll probably be trying it out in the ice this year. BRRRR. That will be interesting! I'm actually a little nervous, but it's a great opportunity to practice & see what it's like to work in water that cold (this will be the coldest water I've ever been in).

Whatever we are able to do, I will definitely be taking pictures!

Visit TheSmallBoatShop.com for more information.

Want to learn more about cold water boating, but can't make the workshop? Check out Chuck's site - well worth a visit!

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