Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ice Ice J-Bay?

Finally breaking down & going to go to the pool tomorrow (but it's gonna be a balmy 34!!! what's wrong with me?), but hoping to paddle on Monday. Fortunately through the magic of the Internet, modern kayakers can now assess the conditions of their home waters from the comfort of their own cozy apartments:


Seriously...ok, I amused myelf a little more than I needed to here, but the basic map is straight off that Stevens Institute site I posted this week. 32 degrees is where the blue just starts to shade into violet - but 32 degrees isn't quite freezing for salt water, we have to get down below 30 to freeze. The magenta areas? Those may be ice. BTW I'm seriously curious about those little hot-spots in Jersey, where it looks like otherwise there's probably a lot of ice - anybody happen to know if there are power plants there or something? Funnier still, I went back to the Stevens site & the Monmouth River one (the northern of the two) is gone now. Huh. Well, no time to look now, I have to brave the cold to go buy groceries, but if anybody happens to stumble across this who knows what might cause those, I'd love it if you left a comment!

As far as paddling - well, Jamaica Bay looks pretty liquid so far. Can't tell about the Paerdegat Basin, which freezes before the bay, tomorrow when we meet at the club for the rolling session. If that's frozen, there's always the option to cartop to Plumb Beach for the put-in.

Not that ice ALWAYS means a change of put in of course. All depends on how much ice!

I'm glad this cold snap is supposed to snap tomorrow.

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