Friday, January 16, 2009

Smart Friends & A Crazier One (A Few Lunch Break Links).

So in case you didn't hear - it's cold here.

Here are the NYC friends of whom I am the most jealous right now:
Steve & Camilla the Adventure Travel Agent, who are overwintering in (and vlogging from) Hawaii.
Richard, owner of the small schooners Issuma & Rosemary Ruth*, who's giving his newer acquisitiion, the Issuma, a good complete overhaul - in Buenos Aires.

And posting about those folks reminds me about an acquaintance from Pier 63 whose adventures I've been following with NO envy at all. I wasn't really planning on posting about Reid of the 1000 Days again until he hit the 2-year mark (coming up in April) - but he's approaching Cape Horn right now, and there is some pretty serious sailing mixed in with the new-age reflections. Good luck to him, here's hoping that when the 2-year mark arrives, it finds him safe & well & still engaged in his quixotic quest.

BTW, these are just a few of a number of blogs I've been following that aren't on my blogroll. This is the time of year when I usually get around to updating my blogroll - I'm not very good about maintenance, usually takes a day being stuck at home in really foul weather. We've had a couple of those this winter & a couple of weeks ago, I finally had a quiet day at home, sat down to update, and promptly found out that some jerks hacked into Blogrolling late last year & they are still in the rebuilding process. So if I've been reading your blog, and you've blogrolled me, honest, I will be reciprocating as soon as I can!

*btw as 2 small schooners is about twice as many small schooners as any private individual needs for their own personal use, the Rosemary Ruth is still for sale - details here!

ps - updating here at 9 pm. Speaking of singlehanded sailors rounding Cape Horn, the Vendee Globe race is currently passing that spot as well. I've been following this one with particular interest because of Sam Davies - alright, yeah, it's sexist but I always root for the girls! I love the way women are doing this stuff these days - the only female athlete by whom I recall being inspired when I was a kid was Ruffian. 'Nuff said? Anyways, I stumbled across the blog of a friend of Richard of the Two Schooners the other day, and he had a link to a very cool little video update from Sam the day before she rounded the Cape. Very neat. She mentions that you just can't tell the size of the waves from the video, and having tried to take pictures of water that looked pretty bouncy from my boat, only to find that the camera flattened it into a millpond, I know exactly what she means (although even video-flattened, those waves look impressive) but you sure can tell that she is just SCREAMING along! Great fun to watch, and yet somehow makes a person really appreciate her nice comfy apartment. Thanks, George!

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