Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sita Sings the Blues

Totally, totally, totally off any of my usual topics...just had to share my current YouTube favorite(s).

Takes about 15 minutes to watch all 4.

I think I can promise that you'll never think of the Ramayana in quite the same way again!


Part 1: Dandaka Dharma

Part 2: The Abduction of Sita

Part 3: Hanuman Finds Sita

Part 4: The Battle of Lanka

Afterwards, if you like it & are curious about what sort of marvelously odd person would actually think "Hey, wouldn't it be great if the Ramayana were set to some classic 1920's jazz songs?", check out! I see that the feature film is going to be aired on WNET (NYC's PBS station) in March - I don't have a TV, but I'd bet a bowl of buttered popcorn that with this spiffy new computer, that might not be an obstacle. Or I might just stick with my original plan of catching it at the New York International Children's Film Festival - just one of the stops on Sita's world tour!

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