Thursday, January 15, 2009

Snow Day Commute

Now that's being prepared.

(Actually it's likely he's just taking a snow day to go play in the park)

By the way, my #1 informant for what's up up in the Hudson River Valley (Moonstruck DennisG) left a comment yesterday saying plenty of ice up his way. Not quite enough for the ice yachts to come out to play - but the word on their site is "Sharpen your runners!"


Curious about water temperatures in the area? The Stevens Institute of Technology has a Maritime Forecast site that gives that & all sorts of other info. Fun to just mess around on, seeing what they have. Looks like J-Bay is still a good bit over the salt-water freezing level today, but being pretty shallow, it does respond to air temperatures fast. I'm hoping to get in a paddle on Martin Luther King day, either in J-Bay or up in Norwalk. If it stays this cold there might be a little icebreaking involved (especially if we go with the CT option)!

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