Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pitchers & catchers notwithstanding -

There's still some winter left. Particularly dreary specimen of a winter day today too - it was still looking pretty here in Ditmas Park when I left for work, but the snow had already turned to sleet & by the time I got into the city...

BLECH. Good day to go to the office & not go out all day.

Oh well. It'll come, the spring. Won't it?

In the meantime, hey, at least it seems the Hudson River ice yacht set has a good shot at happiness this year. Now would that be something fun to see, or what?

ps - wow. Just stopped by the Stevens Institute NYHOPS harbor conditions site, checking the New York Bight Apex surface temps. OK, it's not like Sebago's SailComm needs to start thinking about hosting an ice yacht regatta - but it does look like sticking a set of runners to the hull could be a helpful modification for any kayaker who's planning an launching in the basin this weekend!

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