Saturday, March 09, 2013

A Ti Grows In Brooklyn

This is a ti plant that I started eleven years ago from one of those little ti logs that they sell in the airport gift shops in Hawai'i. It lives in a pot in the sunniest window in the apartment - it's probably a quarter of the size that it would be if it had been lucky enough to get planted in a backyard in Hawai'i, but for Brooklyn, this is a pretty nice ti plant. I took this picture yesterday morning as I was gearing up for a very sloppy commute during what I sincerely hope was winter's last gasp (crossing fingers, knocking wood).

 Speaking of winter storms - I've been a little annoyed by this silly business of the Weather Channel's suddenly deciding that we need MORE forecasting hysteria (a friend cracked me up recently by using the term "forecasms") and coming up with this thing of naming normal winter storms. Nemo? Saturn? Faugh. It doesn't bother me enough to really work up a good rant (on the annoyance scale of 1 to 10, I'd give it about a 3, right around the level I'd also assign to the ridiculous name game played by realtors in which EVERYTHING has to be named with cutesy abbreviations -- DUMBO was cute but then all the real estate people had to jump on the bandwagon, and now it's just dumb), just a comment or two on Facebook. However, I have been enjoying the Atlantic Wire's thoughts on the trend and I thought I'd share their latest before I run off to New Haven: How To Totally, Responsibly Freak Out Over Winter Storm Saturn


pia said...

Love the photo.

The name thing cracks me up. The weather channel seems to go crazy when they can't name storms like "the super storm of 93"

bonnie said...

I thought "Snowmageddon", after the fact, when the snow HAD fallen in massive amounts and the snowplows were nowhere to be found, was fine. This so-called "Saturn" was a pretty paltry little thing here - some wind, some wet snow that was gone by the evening, no big deal.