Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Walkin' (2 of ?) - Pop Walks!

woohoo! walk like an 80's pop star! :D

Hi! Bubbles here! Actually this is a little out of order but Bonnie's internet was down last night and she didn't have time to do the maps she thought she would have time to do on her lunch hour today. That's, like, sooooo March for her! So, like, she was like, OMG, can anybody do the blog today? and I was like, fer suuuure! Here's some totally awesome 80's walkin' pop! Whoa-ay-oh! Walk, women! Walk, men! Don't forget your headbands!


Tweezerman said...

"Walk Like An Egyptian" always brings a wide grin when I hear it.

bonnie said...

It's still just a fun song, isn't it? I graduated from high school in 1985 and I am not ashamed to say that this was my music.

Like, totally!