Saturday, March 23, 2013

Random Painting Week - Painting #5 - Camp Mokule'ia

Since I seem to be having recycled painting week on Frogma, here's one more. 

Camp Mokule'ia, where my sister and I went when we were little (1970's). Recollections: Sand, salt water, hippy church songs (including, yea, many renditions of Kum Bai Yah), spooky stories, tie-dying, macrame, and Jolly Ranchers in the camp store. Painted this in December 1993 after my first return to the islands after my folks retired there - had gone all over the island visiting places from when we lived there, took a lot of pictures (film camera) - not sure where the original photo this was based on is but I just got a whim to paint it one night.

My problem with painting is that I'm not good at stopping when I get to a good stopping point, and if I start in on something on a work night. This one was pretty much an all-nighter.

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