Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Random Pix Week Post 1: Dory Dance

I'm a little swamped here at work this week, so I think that instead of real posts, I'm just going to take the occasional break to go look at some of my older galleries and post whatever catches my eye. Today's pick: Volunteers at Connecticut's Mystic Seaport demonstrate the capabilities of a well-built dory. October 2006. I hope Doryman sees this. More pictures from that same trip here.

Sorry about the obnoxious ads, if you go over there - my Buzznet galleries are a holdover from the earliest days of this blog, when Blogger (pre-Google) recommended that site for photo hosting. Buzznet was a lot less buzzy back then, they went very niche to survive when Yahoo and Google went head to head for photo sharing, now I joke that it's photosharing for the pink-haired emo youth set. The ads do bug me, but at least all my stuff is still there.

(note 3/27 - Sorry, turning off comments for this one, being targeted by spammers.)

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