Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Coming Around

One more political post here then I'll go back to my normal boaty babble. Just put up a Facebook status on my lunch break that I thought was worth putting up here, too.

It's been interesting and encouraging watching this latest round in civil rights gain momentum.

It would seem that even personally I've come around some - back in the early days of my blog I was a bit more political, and I wrote a very long-winded post one day talking about why I supported gay marriage. The funny thing is, when I go back and read it now, I think that it reads like I'm actually trying to convince MYSELF that it's right.

Or it could just be that I'm a crappy political writer and like writing about boats and birds and stuff better.

Anyways - it's a terrible post, I'd meant to clean it up back then and I never did and I'm not going to link to it now, but I AM going to share an excerpt. So much of the buzz around the Supreme Court case has been how much thinking has come around...well, maybe I'm a good example. At this point, my thoughts on the matter are very clear. Seven years ago?

"...when the mayor of San Francisco first started marrying gay couples, my initial reaction was more 'how weird' than 'how cool'. When I think of the word 'marriage', I do definitely picture a man and a woman. That has always been part of my definition of marriage, and I don’t think I ever would have rethought the issue in the way that I have had it not been dragged center-stage first by Mayor Newsome & other officials, then by Bush’s support of an anti-gay-marriage constitutional amendment that failed, followed the spate of state constitutional amendments that resulted from those actions. It’s not that I was ever specifically against it – just never thought about it much before. I wonder how many other people have found themselves rethinking things the same way."

Seems like an awful lot of people must indeed have been rethinking things along with me - and the equals signs that all over facebook this says an awful lot of us came to the same conclusion.

PS - It's been amazing watching the equal signs (and other signs of support) flood Facebook. It's also been a lot fun watching the meme-ers go to town on this one! My favorite so far? Well, for this one I just feel wuv, twu wuv:

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