Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Blues (plus a few more walking songs)


Caribbean blues, that is. Possibly the best kind outside of da 'aina! :D Unfortunately I'm not down there right now, just got to looking through some old Buzznet galleries for a picture of a remora that I was pretty sure I had on line somewhere after seeing an excellent shot of one on the fantastic Windtraveler blog. Here's mine (also blue, taken during the same snorkel as the turtle). Gave me a bit of a turn when I first spotted him under our boat, but first I realized that it wasn't big enough to be a threat, and then as I got closer I realized that it wasn't a shark, just a shark impersonator. Pretty cool.
I was having fun looking through those older photos and when I saw the dory one I posted earlier this week. I didn't think I was going to be doing any real posts this week, so I thought it would be fun to just put up a few random favorite photographic blasts from the past. Didn't end up being quite as at a loss for posts as I'd expected, but I did want to do a "Blues" post, because of the above, and also because my blues-lovin' honey had a great addition to my walking songs. He doesn't read my blog but I was telling him about the walking songs I'd put together, and he told me about a perfect blues song to add - Walking the Blues:  
I love the start. "Man, slow down. We'll get there. Take your time." 

There were a couple of other recommendations - Capt. J.P. had two Everything But the Girl songs, Five Fathoms and Walking Wounded (US-viewable version here and here). Buck acknowledged that the stated mileage might be an overly ambitious goal for my monthly miles thing, but I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) is indeed an excellent addition. Michael didn't send me a suggestion but he posted a picture of himself with David Bowie on Facebook. That sent me looking for Bowie songs involving walking - there's Dead Man Walking of course, but possibly more appropriate for this occasionally animation-obsessed blog is a less obvious one - Walking in the Air. Anybody know the Bowie connection without googling? Based on the comments attached to that video I'm thinking this is going to be a total no-brainer for about 10% of this blog's all-time audience according to Blogger stats - the rest of us were more likely to be watching the Charlie Brown Christmas special.


Rob K said...

Love those Caribbean blues. I've got a pretty bad case of them myself right now. Thanks for the great playlist.

bonnie said...

Extra-beautiful on a snowy day in Brooklyn, aren't they. Weren't we all hoping that so-called "saturn" was winter's last blast?

BTW - if any of "the usual suspects" happens to be looking at this - Rob is a neighbor of mine who happens to be a really excellent writer. I always enjoy it when a new Luna Park Gazette post pops up on my Blogger homepage - I never know what it's going to be, but I know I'm going to enjoy it.