Friday, March 22, 2013

Spam spam spam

Fried Spam on a bed of seasoned rice, banded with seaweed? A special treat for a gal from Hawai'i. Worth a watercolor and colored-pencil tribute, even (if last week was Random Picture Week, this week ended up being Random Painting Week - at least one of the 4 is new!).

The spam that's been getting through the comments here is NOT so tasty. The way the game works, the spammers are always looking for ways around the Blogger filters, and unfortunately it seems like they've found a good work-around. I've turned on moderation for all comments - hopefully it's just temporary and Google gets the jump back on these guys soon!

Saturday morning update: ICK. 17 comments in moderation this morning. 100% spam, 80% really offensive stuff, plus some shoes and handbags. So depressing.    


Tillerman said...

Another thing that I have been doing is that when I see that one particular old post is being spammed a lot, I change the commenting options on that one post to block all new comments. This seems to have made a major reduction in number of spam comments left for me to moderate.

bonnie said...

Good idea, thanks. They're pretty random right now but I have noticed that certain posts get hit again and again - forgot you could turn off comments for individual posts. 7 more spams since I updated this morning. Thankfully this batch was all UGGS and such - funny to be relieved by that but this morning's batch was genuinely revolting.