Thursday, March 14, 2013



And I think that I'm going to celebrate by going to see Life of Pi tonight!

This was jokingly suggesting as a "Pi Day Trifecta" (eat pie, do math, see Life of Pi) on a friend's Facebook page, but seeing it reminded me that I have been meaning to see that movie, and tonight is actually a plausible night to do that! I'm looking forward to it - I loved the book.

Note on 3/15 - Pi-fecta accomplished! I did math (well, that I do every day, that's my job), I ate pie (Hill Country Chicken pecan, not Bubby's but quite tasty and closer to the theater) and I watched Life of Pi in 3D (which is definitely on the "most beautiful movies I've seen" list). There was a bit of a chuckle in the theater when Pi first wrote "3.14" on a chalkboard - I think I may not have been the only person celebrating Pi Day!


Tillerman said...

And Happy Pi Day to you too.

bonnie said...

Thank you!