Saturday, December 24, 2005

Happy Merry Whatever!

Happy Holidays from Brooklyn!

This is a closeup of just part of the decor on one of my favorite houses in the neighborhood - I think that they vie with another one nearby for who can put the most stuff up on their house, but I think these guys win!

They do take it all down after New Year's, though.

Just got back from carolling in my building - how very strange & non-New-Yorky, but a couple of other tenants had decided to do this (I heard the singing, at first I thought it was a radio but then I realized that it was carollers!!!) & welcomed me when I asked if I could join them - we actually got invited into another neighbor's apartment for cookies & eggnog - that was fun, I told them I'd practice with them next year if I don't end up going home to Hawaii (or alternatively Michigan or possibly Texas - my extended family is geographically extended too!).

Anyways, just wanted to put up a little season's greetings.

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