Thursday, December 01, 2005

OK, was my last post weird?

Ahhh, don't answer that question. Actually the truth of the matter is that I saw a Queens IP address in my sitemeter the night before & suddenly got very worried about how Joe might feel if he read the previous one. There's this very interesting book that Michlt at Rivertyde (site was down yesterday & still is as I write this but I'm linking in hopes that it's just temporary) recommended, it's called "The Forest for the Trees" (you can go find it at Amazon, or even better pay a visit to your favorite local bookstore), and I found something in there that actually made me go "Oh, so THAT'S why I never saw myself making it as a writer..." - this is a good example. More on that later though as this is just a quick break between projects at work (I am actually having a nice productive day here, I like that!).

Mostly I wanted to post because one of my Pier 63 friends, Larry, has started blogging again. He went through some rough stuff last year, he seems pretty happy these days though...except that he's losing his job. Reminds me of something somebody I used to hang out with used to say - "All New Yorkers really want are just 3 things - a great apartment, a great job and a great lover - but the rules are that you are only allowed to have 2 of those 3 at a time". That doesn't necessarily mean that you are guaranteed to have ANY of them at any given time - just that 2 at a time is the maximum happiness quotient permitted. Well, Larry's apartment is a good one (although I think it would be one of those ones you'd see described in the classifieds as "cozy studio, grt vu", cozy being universal NY brokerspeak for "very small"); he's been seeing a really nice guy for QUITE some time now (awesome); there ya go. Was that a Seinfeld thing?

Anyways, it's been nice seeing Larry looking pretty happy with life these days & I felt bad when I stopped over at his blog after Thanksgiving & discovered that the bad-news meeting had been like a week before.

Anyways, I told him I'd post something he'd like today so here is one of my favorite shots - this is Larry at Sandy Hook (now was THAT an excursion and a half - boy, September '03, time flies). This is one of a batch of pictures that I've got framed & hanging in my hallway. I think he was asking me if I still had these digitally and I didn't think I did but I was doing some email cleanup the other day & lo & behold, there were the scanned versions! (Larry, let me know if you want this & a couple others!)

Wish it was a job lead...

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