Wednesday, December 28, 2005

New Year's Day paddle doubts plus Aloha, Asia!

We're sneaking up on New Year's Day here and my drysuit is still not back from California.

I am going to be so sad if I don't get to go for my annual New Year's Day paddle (and roll, although last year was the first time I rolled in the Hudson on New Year's Day so I don't know if that counts as "annual" yet.

I know there are things that are waaaaaaay more important but if you could think a few positive thoughts in my direction, thoughts of a nice sealed non-seepy drysuit (with Gore-Tex socks, yay) waiting for me when I get home tonight or tomorrow...or Friday...or Saturday...that would be lovely...

And speaking of not having drysuits, I have been loving the fact that there's been a trio of bloggers (friends who do some paddling together although it looks like there's one main ringleader as far as their kayak activities go!) from Malaysia & Singapore and have been visiting me and some of my other favorite US (and Spanish!) kayak blogs, and vice versa. How cool is that? So I think I will just introduce you to fH2o(with WONDERFUL photographs that are particularly envy-producing since I'm effectively landlocked until aforementioned drysuit turns up, whimper whimper) and Happysurfer (I almost posted her December 21st "Installing LOVE" post 'cause I thought it was really cute but figured I'd just send you there instead), both from Malaysia, and Robin, who lives in Singapore.

And speaking of envy-producing photos I'll close by sharing a few of the pix from my mom & dad's annual "Don't feel too sorry for us folks who are suffering the trauma of having to get into the holiday spirit without Jack Frost nipping at our noses" email (isn't it nice of them to go to such lengths to allay the concerns of the family & friends on the mainland & beyond?):

Random people playing on the beach somewhere on the windward side of the island; think my dad may've said something in an earlier email to me that the surf conditions weren't so hot for some reason but it was still good wave-watching

They have some orchids out on the lanai - the white one I think may've been a Christmas present to my mom although it could've been another one - at any rate it always bloom very nicely over the holidays so they usually include it in a Christmas email:

And a couple of shots in the Laie Point area - that's the folks in the 2nd one (hi folks!)

BTW if you are snowbound somewhere & these nice tropical pictures leave you wanting to look at more sunshine & blue water, I've been slowly adding pictures to my Virgin Islands gallery - took a break from that during the strike but am back at it now. Still a couple more days to go before it's officially finished but I've been enjoying reviewing my pictures. Note for first-timers on Buzznet - little light-blue squares with 3 little white squares are Buzznet navigation buttons, I mention that because people don't always recognize that the 3 little white squares are supposed to be an arrow - in the main picture area those will move you from picture to picture, in the main thumbnail section they will move you from one thumbnail page to another.

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