Friday, December 02, 2005

Sea life encounters

Item #1: SaltWater Jim describes an overly close call with a gray whale. An exciting & refreshingly unromanticized read. Item #2: Not surprisingly, with the Chelsea Piers to Hudson-Athens Light Gallery and the start of my Virgin Islands gallery, I ran through my November quota & had to give Buzznet postings a break for the last few days. Last night (being wound up after seeing a very good production of "Hamlet") I got back to that. fish for Friday!

Oh, I wanted to keep this short but it just hit me that I'd wanted to add a note re navigating Buzznet - I've had a couple of friends who didn't find navigating this to be intuitive. Basically the link takes you into the Virgin Islands gallery - you can go from picture to picture using the blue button to the right of the caption (the 3 little white squares are supposed to form an arrow but you might not realize that looking at it for the first time); or you can use the little blue buttons on the thumbnail page to navigate from thumbnail page to thumbnail page & click on whatever thumbnails look interesting (this is the one that people particularly miss - btw the fish thumbnails are in some cases deceptively nondescript, especially the trunkfish). Clicking on another gallery will open that in the main picture & thumbnail pages.

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