Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Hiking home.

It was a nice night and I was in no hurry, plus my morning commute had been so flat out dull I was almost embarassed, so rather than try to find a ride, I decided to walk home. The sidewalks were full. I'm sleepy and I need to get up & leave early again tomorrow (I assume), but I got some nice photos during the walk home and I thought I'd just post those. Took me 2.5 hours - but about half an hour of that was photo-taking plus a pit stop at a mall en route. I sort of enjoyed it - I think I might make my strike routine be "Go to the carpool place in the morning, hoof it in the evening". Check it out:

Walking on the Williamsburg Bridge. The Brooklyn Bridge is much nicer for walking, with a broad, elevated boardwalk with seats - but this is quite a bit more direct, going the Brooklyn Bridge route adds a big dogleg. Anyways,it was fun to see a brand new view I never saw before in my entire 14 years. Plenty of people were crossing tonight & I was not the only one taking pictures.

Looking South towards downtown, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the FDR Drive. Look at all those taillights. Made me feel pretty good about my decision to go on foot!

Looking up at one of the Williamsburg Bridge towers.

Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn side tower.

More slow-moving cars. I probably would've gotten home faster in a car anyways but at least this way I was doing something the whole time, not just sitting on my duff.

One more look back at the city before leaving the bridge on the Brooklyn side.

The current version of rush hour (plus Brooklyn landmark Junior's. Ummm, cheesecake. If Junior's had been a couple more miles into my hike I would not have been able to resist the siren song of the strawberry cheesecake. I was hungry when I got home!

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