Friday, December 23, 2005

Laughing On the Subway

I still ended up walking home last night, but this morning I was happy to be back to my usual routine of reading the Times while riding the subway to work.

They had a graphic op-ed page piece which I thought was rather wonderful & wanted to share. It's called "A Beginner's Guide to Hannukah", and it made me laugh - with all this war-on-Christmas idiocy going on, I find it a relief - maybe even a blessed relief - to see somebody NOT taking the holidays seriously. Fun. I wish he would do one for Christmas too.

This reminds me of something I was thinking about the other day as I walked past Grand Army Plaza, where you have a Christmas tree on one side of the road and a twenty-foot menorah on the other side (just the kind of thing that makes me love this city even in the middle of a transit strike). I was remembering how I used to be a little jealous of Jewish kids when I was little - after all, what's better, one day of presents, or eight days of presents? Somewhere along the line, though, I heard that the presents tended to be things like socks, with maybe one cool toy or book or something fun like that, so I decided that maybe one day with lots of toys and minimal socks (and heck, we were in Hawaii, who needed socks?) wasn't such a bad deal after all.

Anyways, I thoroughly enjoyed it so I just had to share it. Can't link to it directly and I have a feeling that if I posted it here, it would be unreadably small plus the NY Times might get mad. So just go here & scroll down 'til you see the menorah!

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