Monday, December 12, 2005

This is not a schooner.

Nope. This is a barque (well, part of a barque). I shall exercise some self-control and refrain from making a labored pun about "barque" and "bight" (not enough to keep quiet about the fact that I was thinking about it though!).

Anyways, as you may recall from Saturday's little exercise in procrastination, barque photos were not originally part of Sunday's plans. Things didn't quite happen the way I described. It did end up being a lot of fun though, in the way that unplanned changes of plan can sometimes be if you don't get overly attached to your original plans (always wise when you're into things like boating where nature has the final say as to what you can & can't do). I started writing a post about it during my lunch hour today, have sent it home & plan to finish it tonight, it might be fun - but I did put up a few pictures over on my Buzznet galleries & thought I'd put this one up here, as it's gotten a pretty kind reception over there.

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