Friday, December 23, 2005

Last night of strike (last night)

I did end up walking home one more time last night; by this morning, as I mentioned, everything was running fine but not by the time I left. It being a comparatively balmy high 30's, I chose to make the entire trek home again.

Here are some pictures from the final sneaker-powered trip home. The first 2 are of the entrance to the Williamsburg Bridge with a message I hope we don't have to see again for a nice long time.

Here's the traffic going onto the bridge -

And here are a couple of young men who evidently decided that if you are going to sit in traffic and watch the pedestrians walk past you, you might as well do it in style! They showed a great sense of humor about how slowly their fast car was moving. This was taken on Broadway, which resembled a very long skinny parking lot, which was what made me decide to walk home one last time when I walked out of my office & saw how it was. The traffic cops btw were working their tails off - that was a tough, tough job they had, keeping things going at even a crawl.

So that's it for the Great NYC Transit Strike of 2005. Phew!

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