Sunday, May 01, 2005

6 Hours of Sailing


Six hours of sailing one lovely 80-foot schooner on a windy day in New York Harbor today.

There were naturally a few 3 Stooges moments, as happens on the first weekend back on board in the spring. But nothing horrible, and everyone took the glitches with aplomb, and the passengers all seemed to have a nice time, and oh what a sunset! Mmm mmm mmm.

My sea legs are definitely stowed in a mini-storage somewhere & I need to get them back.

My poor pathetically soft & winter-tender hands have hopefully gotten the word that it is time to produce the 2005 set of callouses - definitely had to be a little more cautious of fast-moving lines than I did by the end of last season. Strong & calloused may not be exactly part of our culture's standard for feminine beauty...but it sure is nice not to worry too much about rope burns. Got a couple of those today - just minor ones - but boy oh boy are my hands sore.

But dang. Beautiful day on a beautiful boat, and the last sail, we had the rail in the water & we were flying. And I smell like suntan lotion. And my chair feels like it's rocking gently and I have no complaints with that.

And I'm too honestly & genuinely physically tired (which is a tired I so prefer to just mentally tired, which I was all week) to say anything more than...

Boating season, yay!

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