Thursday, May 05, 2005

PS to earlier post...

Oops. Well, no time for esoteric kayak ramblings tonight. I was having such an unusually quiet day at work (has to be quiet for me to actually use my lunch hour for something as purely non-work as a blog entry) but then things got crazy in the afternoon, and then I made the mistake of looking over at the invoices box & discovered that the sheaf I had yesterday had grown to a heap, so I decided to work late to get those coded properly (that works best when I can just sit down with the invoices & the chart of accounts & be uninterrupted by phones & people popping by & what have you). So no more post tonight. And sailing tomorrow...and who knows what I'll feel like blogging about by Saturday!

Oh - and speaking of sailing - I had to laugh the other day when Sea Level NY referred to my volunteering on a schooner. I cleared things up last night in the car on the way back down from the pool - I am actually a paid professional sailor! Hm, although when I say it that way it sounds really egotistical and also like I'm a lot more competent than I feel like I am - I'm totally competent on the Adirondack, but that's 'cause I've gotten to know her so well and besides, she's fast but was also designed to be very safe & easy to handle (she's meant to be sailed by a captain & 2 crew although we use 3 when we have big crowds, just so we can take care of both the passengers & the boat properly) - put me on another boat that I haven't gotten to know well and the story might be a little different. Ha ha. Anyways, it made me laugh because I realize that the way I talk about being out on the boat, nobody would every guess that it is an actual income-producing part-time J-O-B - and on really nice days me and the rest of the crew usually end up marvelling that we actually get paid to sail such a nice boat. Keep in mind though, before you get too jealous (although it is pretty cool) it's early in the season & I haven't yet had to clean the head (marine toilet) after a seasick passenger missed, or even just work a full 12-hour, 4-sail day when it's 99 degrees and humid outside & there's no wind. I'll do that & keep smiling, as will the rest of the crew - that's why we get paid.

And the point of all of this was a plug! The reason we get paid is because the schooner Adirondack, the prettiest boat in New York harbor, actually happens to be a tour boat! Yep, if you saw my pictures the other day & it looked like fun, and you happen to be in the New York area, we do 2 hour public sails to the Statue of Liberty 4 times a day, check out the Chelsea Excursions website at!

oooh, blatant commercialism...and I try so hard to stay away from that...but it's FUN!

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