Friday, May 27, 2005

Tagees -

oof. quelle week. I'm zonked - I think I might go up to Chelsea & go for a nice boat ride...

but in the meantime, I had a volunteer & a couple of people who seemed to be asking for a tag in one way or another -

bookseller with a thing for science Rivertyde - he was the volunteer - and I just somehow envision his bookstore as being the kind of bookstore that you'd walk into and just automatically walk out with something fascinating, either just found by browsing or because you'd ask him "what's good" and he'd give you some great advice - of course his bookstore's in Philly, but this way I get the advice anyways, yay.

Spanish paddling blog On Kayaks (he's done already, makes me feel a little silly with my kids' books)

Heckuvanice guy ggwoo who's too busy to keep his blog going these days but was complaining about how nobody tags him anymore & tagged himself...doesn't that make you go blind? Wouldn't want that to happen so tag, and he's also already done (concise, too, I could learn from him).

And gatsby's ghost, because he was also complaining on ggwoo's comments about how nobody tags him anymore either - I considered that asking for it plus I just really enjoy his writing & I think he'll have some interesting books to talk about.

Any other volunteers? One more tag left!

thanks again Loup for tagging me, that was fun & plus now I'm getting all these great ideas for my to-read list - of course, it being boating season & fiscal-year close at day job, I don't have tons of free time, but there's always the subway.

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