Thursday, May 19, 2005

Off for the symposium

My kayak's in Yonkers (nothing like a three and a half hour paddle into a solid headwind to start the day - I am SO glad I am a conservative trip planner 'cause between that & waiting for a tug & barge to do their thing at the passenger ship terminal I ended up eating up the entire cushion I'd built in); my bag's all packed & I'm turning in.

I'll be back & blithering on Monday. Or maybe Tuesday if I'm zonked after the weekend.

I'll have my full 23rd St. to Yonkers trip report to write up - it was longer than planned & there was a slightly stressful moment with a tug & barge (albeit one that quickly resolved when he announced his intentions with a security call on the VHF, which happened just before I got on the radio myself to find out - boy, I'm not a big one for electronic gizmos but I LOVE my Standard Horizon HX460S that fits so perfectly in my PFD pocket) but on the whole it was pretty neat - I like morning paddling a lot once I'm out there, it's just rousting myself out of bed that early that I don't like - plus I'm sure I'll have WAY too much to say about the weekend -

plus I just got tagged with a favorite-books meme which should be fun - why? Because she said so!

Have a great weekend everybody - hope you get in lots of paddling or birdwatching or photography or riding (that's for my aunt & uncle in Texas who might be reading!) or reading or whatever it is that you like doing the most!

Jeeze, am I annoyingly chipper when I'm in a good mood or WHAT? OK, I'll go away now! Bye!

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