Monday, May 09, 2005

Why can't a nice cup of tea just be a nice cup of tea?

OK - I am feeling like a total whiner right now. I'm still at work. I decided to make myself a nice cup of tea, and there on the Lipton label I see


Why does everything have to be good for you?

Why can't a nice cup of tea just be a nice, quiet, unassuming, unpharmacological cup of tea?

Marketing schmarketing.

OK, I might as well leave now because when something as minor as that is actually able to annoy me I am clearly past the point of really being able to get anything useful done. Long day. Long week (and it's only Monday). Long month. Long couple of months in fact, and not having a clear end date for this situation of doing my own job plus part of the business manager's job (the entire immediate department is in the same boat but it's still rough) makes it tough. It's funny, my work style is such that given a clear goal/finish line/end date, I can buckle down & do mountains of work. When it's an endless flood of extra work (and stuff that absolutely can't slip any more than it did while budget season & then the transition as the business manager prepared to leave) with no clear end in sight - well, I'm not as good at that.

Well, at least the boss assured us today that there WILL be an end at some point - he's trying to fill the position as quickly as he can, but he wants to make sure he gets somebody really good for it so that we don't end up just creating more work for ourselves cleaning up after somebody that didn't work out. There is a lot to be said for that - but I'm still feeling a bit overwhelmed by how much I need to get done on a daily basis just to keep up after wading through the stuff that got backed up during budget season & the transition.

Ok. Thus endeth the whine. Tomorrow, as they say, is another day, and I told one of my sailing friends I'd drop by the place she works at to give her my share of the deposit for our BVI's bare-boat charter adventure in November...

hmmm, funny how even thinking about that makes me feel more cheerful!

And hmmm. They have margaritas where my friend works. Proper margaritas that make no claims of health benefits. If the place isn't too crowded maybe I will get one & we can talk sailing...yeah, that might be good.

btw...because of the abovementioned extra work & the upcoming Hudson Valley Outfitter symposium, plus schooner work, which I'm doing trying to squeeze in with everything else, I suspect that I'll be posting pretty sparsely until the symposium is over. Of course I'll probably come back from that so jazzed I'll make up for it with some sort of e-tome on philosophy of kayak instruction, ideas exchanged, breakthroughs made by students, things that worked, things that bombed, and a lot of thoughts about what I could've done better & what I thought really worked out OK. So any regular readers will have that to look forward to (or dread, depending on how interesting you actually find my kayakbabble).

Anyways, this is already longer than planned & didn't I say something about a margarita? Yeah. Now there's a goal I can achieve tonight.

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