Sunday, May 15, 2005

IT'S ALIIIIIIIVE!!! (my drysuit gasket, that it!)

Hurray! The patch actually worked! And that was the last really crucial gear issue for the symposium - although the most recent schedule doesn't have me on rolling anymore, so it's not guaranteed that I'll be spending a lot of time standing in the water, there's always a chance it could still happen.

Funny, too - the errand that took me into the Village yesterday morning was a trip to Village Divers for a bigger tube of AquaSeal. There being more space on the larger tube, they were actually able to break out the instructions, so instead of rolling together "seams and holes" into one short line including the instruction "overlap edges" (which is where everything got so nasty), they have 2 distinct procedures - one for seams, where you overlap, and one for holes, where you basically do exactly what Dive Shop Guy said to do. Dang, if I just wasn't such a stickler for reading instructions I wouldn't have urethane-coated fingers right now.

Of course then again if I weren't such a stickler for reading instructions I probably would have electrocuted myself installing a wall sconce in my 2nd NYC apartment (the fixture started out as a bare bulb of the type ordinarily seen in basements & the instructions for the sconce were very clear so I decided to give it a shot - and let me tell you, I was pretty psyched when I turned the juice back on at the fusebox, flipped the lightswitch, and the wall sconce actually lit up) & then I would've missed out on all this fun. Not to mention what a disaster the Ikea desk with hutch at which I'm sitting typing this would have been if I was more a chuck-the-instructions-and-lets-get-creative type. Yep. Think I'll just keep right on reading instructions. A messy-looking neck gasket & rubbery fingertips until it wears off such a tiny price to pay -

Plus I'm wondering if the urethane will improve my grip on halyards & sheets today! heh heh.

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