Friday, May 13, 2005

Lunchtime Kayak Gear run.

Well I am SO glad I checked a certain website this morning...

Original plan du jour:

Work hard, leave work a bit early, go to New York Kayak Company, spend money, go home, repair drysuit, collect kit, inspect first aid kit.

Checked the website...oops, Randy closes at 5 on fridays.

New plan - dash over to New York Kayak on lunch hour.

Well, actually that will keep me from buying stuff other than that which I actually need.

Shopping list:

Wetsuit bottom half (already have top - I've just been wearing fleece pants under drysuit).
Wetsuit booties
Drysuit gasket repair material (patches, goop, plus spare gasket - current neck gasket has a hole where my thumb went through it on Thursday night - I think I may be able to get away with just patching it but if it looks like the latex is degrading I should probably just replace it)
303 protectant (I think i still have a can at home but I haven't seen it for a while - if I find it I'll just donate the spare to the hold, everybody can spritz down their boats as part of spring cleaning).
Vest knife

There, that's all I NEED. I think. Glad I did actually do a list 'cause there were a couple items that popped into my head as I was writing it.

Where lunch hour is good is that Randy's got what's basically a big toy store for grownups (if you can call paddlers grownups) & it's particularly easy to buy more stuff there than I meant to when I do have even a short shopping list. Y'know, the debit card's already out, oh, here, this thingumabobby looks neat, add that to the stack - well, hopefully going on lunch hour will cut down the browsing & impulse buying inclinations!

heh heh. I am getting so psyched about this symposium...and speaking of being grownup I see I haven't changed a bit since 5th grade when I remember getting all psyched up for a horse show I was riding in & spending a little more time drawing out the patterns of a novice dressage test I had to have memorized than I really should've been.

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