Friday, May 06, 2005

Foul weather...

Hmm...well, continuing on the theme of "why we aren't volunteers" on the schooner - I'm working tonight. I just looked at the weather. This could get interesting.

Marine forecast - "GALE WARNING". Golly gee, that's just swell. On my second work day of the season. Thhhhbbbt. Can'tcha gimme a LITTLE more time to get back in the groove, here, Weather Gods? Sheesh. radar animation shows a big ol' swirl of green heading our way, from a really WEIRD direction (usually the weather comes from Pennsylvania to Jersey then hits us, this is coming over the Atlantic from the South, not something you usually see), with patches of yellow & orange & red in the middle (and that means yucky stuff) that are getting bigger as the system heads towards us.

Captain's call, in the end. Captain Peter's on tonight & he makes good decisions. But I'm still feeling those wow-it's-early-in-the-season-and-this-is-not-the-normal-boat jitters.

Hopefully one of the other old hands is on tonight too - this is the sort of forecast that makes me seriously want to be sailing with the people I've sailed with before - we've got some promising new crew but, well, they're new, and I'd rather not be dealing with my own rust & somebody else's greenitude all at the same time. Not the best combo...

There. Trepidation expressed, quick break over, back to work now!

4:30 update: Like I was saying about Capt. Peter - he makes good decisions. 10 minutes after I posted this, he called me to let me know that tonight's sail is cancelled. If I had the self-confidence to call my mind great (pretty darned good, yeah, but not quite great) I'd also have to say "Great minds think alike".

Well, I'm relieved - that weather that's heading this way just looks kinda spooky. I'm quite happy that I won't be out on the water tonight.

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