Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Note 1. To Lycos searcher looking for More Shirtless Athletes: I think you might be looking for this guy! Sorry about that. What Lycos was thinking ranking ME #1 for shirtless athletes when Scott-O-Rama is the undisputed king of that particular Shameless Ratings Ploy, I have no idea.

Note 2. To Scott Chicken Comment Part 1: Yes, I know. But it's free and there's a huge box on the 10th floor right near my cubicle. Comment Part 2: Plain, frozen, with salt. 2 of 'em actually. This was NOT the original plan but then friends of my friend turned up & oh, another? sure! Fortunately I realized as I finished the secone, before the armtwisting began for 'rita number 3, that I am not as young as we were in college & don't really drink a lot usually & have another miserable day at work tomorrow & compounding that with a nice tequila hangover would just SUCK. There are some things I definitely dig about being older. Having the sense to stop at "pleasantly unwound" is a big one.

There was much sailing talk. It was good.

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