Wednesday, May 11, 2005


OK, this is just copied from an email I got from a cool friend & co-worker whose band (she's the singer & bass player & she's wonderful, I don't understand why she's not famous) is performing at a very cool festival - I hadn't heard of it before but dang I love the whole idea, it's cool & wonderful too.

Take it away, Felice:

We're going to be playing 2 songs on Thursday, May 19 at 7:30 at Arlene's Grocery as part of the MAMAPALOOZA festival. MAMAPALOOZA is a great organization that celebrates women artists with children. I have often noticed a perception that for women once you have kids, your life as an artist is over. In my case I would say the opposite has been true. Having my son and having to stay home many many nights with him sleeping helped me to quiet down and get to know who the heck I was and what I had to say. Not to say it's been easy,fun or great all the time, but I am super proud to be an artist and a mother. And so, my wonderful bandmates Naotaka Hakamada, Scott Hartley, and I , will be partying down and radiating reggae and rock n roll at Arlene's. There are many other great mom artists on the bill as well. Come celebrate the act of creation!

Sounds wonderful doesn't it? And cool too. Hee's funny how many times I just used the words "cool" and "wonderful" in one quick little lunchtime post. I think it's because I got in a really cool & wonderful after-work paddle yesterday (including a lot of focused technique work and my first Hudson rolls of the season - the water's still cold but it's gone back to the proper shade of green & the proper degree of translucency, it's not tan & opaque anymore) & that just got me into "cool and wonderful" frame of mind. Sunset on the water...yeah.

Oh, plus I think I'm through the worst of the overdue-invoice deluge that were making me want to just crawl under my desk over the last week - there was the backlog I knew about and then there was a very bad logjam that a new guy in another dept. found and unjammed. Meant a daunting amount of work but he said today that he's now mostly all caught up. Which means I'm also mostly caught up. Hurray. I'm glad he came on board when he did 'cause eventually ALL of those vendors would be looking for their money & if processing that many invoices was bad - having to deal with that many angry vendors if those invoices had STAYED lost would have been worse - and then having to deal with AP if those lost invoices had stayed lost just long enough for the vendors to resubmit, THEN resurfaced...oh, now that woulda been a frickin' nightmare.

And knowing that we avoided that just makes everything MORE cool & wonderful.

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