Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Easter weekend ups & downs

Odd weekend, had ups, downs & now some repercussions (most of which may be in my head but I'm feeling very un-self-confident about something I've said on my trips group)

Got to run now but here's some pix from one of the good parts - fantastic half-day paddle north for a picnic on a beach on the Palisades. Beautiful weather, a good pace, nice group and lots of chocolate.

Here's the beach at "Lower Alpine". I LOVE these paddles 'cause in a relatively short time you go from New York City to spectacular cliffs with trees, and birds, and relative peace & quiet - it's like a little vacation.

We had a good crowd - 9 paddlers - we needed another picnic table!

Heading home again - George Washington Bridge, with the city beyond.

The bad part was that we did a truly wretched crossing on the way home - very strung. I of course had to say something to the entire trip list. Started out trying to be casual & offhand, but then somebody posted an answer that I read as being rather dismissive of my concerns (the guy said he didn't mean to, and I do get spooked when I'm trying to make suggestions, don't like telling people how to paddle when they haven't asked me to). I instantly went from trying to word my post as a suggestion to feeling compelled to jump up on a soapbox & go into lecture mode. Silence ensued.

Problem is I was really trying to communicate something sort of important, I paddle with some individuals who are a LOT more free-spirited than I am and I'm always afraid that when I start lecturing, they're more likely to just tune me out than anything else.

I really do have to run now - I do intend to write a little more about this but in the meantime, the thread is the topic of a good post over on SeaLevel - including some really excellent links which I may or may not have thought to include in anything I end up saying about this.

Side note to Tillerman - Frogma will feature some NON-masochistic sailing next week, if all goes according to plan I'll be part of the gang on the Rosemary Ruth when Richard sails her from Liberty Landing Marina down to Tottenville (southwest side of Staten Island). Ohboyohboyohboy!

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