Friday, April 21, 2006

Renata update! Yeah!

Got this back from Hayter PR, concerning Renata's arrival in NY & that sunset paddle:

The event is open to the public. Renata is going to be in New York Monday through Thursday but she is mostly going to be meeting with journalists those days...Renata will arrive at MKC around 4 p.m. On Wednesday. The paddle will be from 6-7 then a reception will follow.

That's right at the barge, Pier 63 -

If you're an NYC kayaker & decide to paddle in to join in on the sunset paddle, please remember that the landing restriction - do NOT enter the embayment on the north side of the barge (between the barge & the piling field that used to be Pier 64), paddle in on the south side, over to the land end of the barge & under the bridge. Please don't mess things up for the residents, losing our right to launch would SO ruin my summer!

Another thing - please remember that the air is getting warmer but the water's still cold, dress for it, wear your PFD & make sure you have lights - there's been a lot of discussion of safety lately, there was just a meeting with the Coast Guard & commercial vessel operators, we're trying to get out the message that we're all good safe boaters - there will probably be media at this thing so let's look the part!

agh. Of course for all this, I can't go 'cause Wednesday nights are my teach-at-Sarah-Lawrence nights!!! Argh!

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