Thursday, April 27, 2006

Yikes. My gallery links have been messed up for HOW long?

Egads. Just got home from the pool session & decided to check in online before I went to bed. I looked at Sitemeter, idly followed an "out click" that was supposed to lead to a gallery of pictures that I took last Halloween while we were delivering the Adirondack to the Scarano's boatyard up in Albany & discovered that the links I'd set up oh so long ago under the "Virtual Paddles & Sails" blogroll (before a complete redesign of Buzznet, the photo thing I use) were no longer working. ARRR! I think they all worked when I set them up but now every single one directs you to my home page there. I've fixed those now & I apologize to anyone who's tried to go look at something & been stymied - try again, you should actually go straight into the gallery you wanted to see!

Oh, as long as I'm mentioning the Scaranos - check out the new kid on the dock! This is the Manhattan, a brand-new arrival at Pier 62 (summer home of the Schooner Adirondack. This motor yacht was under construction when we took the schooner up, I wish I'd been able to take some pix but I ran through both batteries. The boat was originally scheduled to be operating in time to get some holiday office-party business, but the Scaranos got a commission for another big replica schooner, so the Manhattan got pushed back, ended up coming down in March (they had crew but they invited the Adirondack crew to come along for the ride - I was incredibly bummed I had to miss that but there was something up at work, as usual) & is now open for business!; The schooner should be turning up any day now - and I'm having my annual Spring internal debate as to how much I want to work - of course that internal debate has a history of ending the minute I turn up at Chelsea Piers & see those familiar masts at Pier 62. I don't know though, I feel like I've had this insanely hectic spring somehow - ah well, we'll see.

OK, now it is time to sleep.

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